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  • Docbuilder is a small python script that will take another Python program, and turn it into documentation.
  • Docbuilder is used to generate technical documentation. It isn't reccomended at this stage for User Documentation.
  • It generates Markdown documents, though it does expect that MKDocs will use it.


From Pip

pip install docbuilder

From Repository

git clone
cd docbuilder
python install

File Download

Docbuilder is actually a single file, so you can copy that to wherever you need to run it.

curl -L


wget --no-check-certificate


Check the Public API

Or, if you just want a quickstart: -i mypthonlit.pylit -o mydoc


Windows users, ensure you use / to seperate directories. Not \. This may cause unexpected behaviour.

Python Versions

Currently, the supported versions of Python are: Python Versions

Check Python Compatibility for more information.


Docbuilder uses nose for testing.

To install everything for testing:

pip install -r tests/dev-requirements.txt